Domino's Tracker and Mobile Numbers

Somewhere you may have come across the story how Domino's tracker saved the life of a customer. Basically a crazy ex girlfriend was confronting her ex who had ordered the pizza and he was awaiting the delivery.  The delivery guy named Alejandro (who deserves an award and medal) arrived to an open door - saw the crazy knife wielding ex-girlfriend and called the police.  on top of that he still delivered the pizza after the police arrived - That is customer service!  I won't recall the whole story - you can got here to read it.

On a side note.  In an effort to collect even more private data from people Google is now threatening their users that they may lose their privilege to use their services (in the case of hijacking or lost passwords) if they don't give up their mobile number.  I am sure this is a ruse to juts obtain mobile numbers of their customers as there is no reasonable explanation as to how this can be a "security measure."  There are thousands of other ways to take care of customers besides requiring them to give up their mobile number so Google can have even more private date to abuse in their databases.

Google has a habit of arbitrarily stopping users from using their services. More often than not they do this without explanation or even a way for their users to correct any issues.  Said users have have no recourse to Google using their nearly omnipotent power to shut down accounts, etc.

Whatever you do - stay safe!

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