Why You Need an Undercover Camera

It appears the line "Everything is illegal in Massachusetts" is true.  This line from the Edge of Darkness is such a true statement that there is a Facebook Fan Page about it.

It seems that police in Massachusetts arrest people for taking pictures in their own front yard.   Not just anyone mind you, but a 65 year old lady who was taking photos of a car that crashed into her yard and caught fire.  The car had crashed into her Ford Escape.  Any homeowner would have done the same to document the damages.

However, police thought that her taking photos of the burned car with two people who had been shot (both men died) was somehow a bad thing - well illegal, since they arrested her and confiscated her camera.  You can read more here, though it doesn't paint a real clear picture of what took place.

Maybe if she did it in a stealth was and used HD Spy Hidden Pen Camera: she could have done what was needed without getting arrested on her own property for taking pictures.

Whatever you do - stay safe!

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