When You Have to Be Your Own Detective Reason #1

This is a first in a series of who knows how many posts with this headline.  There are instances that you cannot use a detective to get what you want.  Why?  Because it would be illegal for a detective to do what you want.

Let's say you suspect your spouse is cheating.  The problem is that your spouse is not going anywhere to cheat, but they are doing it in your own bedroom.  If you were to say, hire a detective to plant hidden cameras to catch the cheater on video - well - most places that would be illegal.  So any legitimate private detective would not take the job.  This is because a person has certain expectations of privacy in their own bedroom.  There could be serious criminal and civil liabilities for a detective to plant cameras in a bedroom.

However, a spouse does not have an expectation of privacy in their own bedroom from thier own spouse.  Therefore, you could plant your own camera in the bedroom to catch a cheater.  One of the most simple to set up is the power adapter hidden camera.  You can the Hidden Camera in a Power Adapter !

Just set up the camera - check it after you suspect the "activity" has gone on, and you can see video evidence.  Unless nothing has happened of course.

Whatever you do - Stay Safe!

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