So Your Identity is Stolen - What is the 4th Thing You Do?

On the fourth of this series, I will wrap up this talk about Identity Theft. This does not mean I will not visit it from time to time, as we all can use reminders of how to minimize the effects of Identity Theft.

The Fourth Step to take in dealing with Identity Theft if to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC does not conduct criminal cases themselves. So why should you file? The FTC can act as a clearinhouse of identity theft cases for police agencies all across the nation, federal, state and local. The information can be accessed by police department to assist them with filing cases against perpetrators. You can file a complaint online at .

Remember the four steps.

  1. Make a fraud alert
  2. Close fraudulent accounts
  3. Make a Police Report
  4. File a complaint with the FTC.

There are many, many things you may need to do. Each Identity Theft case is unique. There are difference creditors you may need to contact and send them dispute letters. There is a lot of work. Take your time, do not get overwhelmed. Sometimes you may need some help, but only use a trusted source, as there are a lot of scammers that prey on your misfortunes.

Whatever you do be safe.

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