So Your Identity is Stolen - What is the 3rd Thing You Do?

For review - I will go over the four things you need to do if you are a victim of identity theft:
1. Place a fraud alert on your credit reports.
2. Close the accounts that have been tampered with or have been fraudulently opened
3. Make a police report
4. File a complaint with the FTC

So here we are at number 3.  Making a police report.  You may wonder why I am even explaining the police report, but how you make the police report is very important.  It is not like making a burglary report, yet there are some things in common.

This particular police report has to include enough detail about the ID theft for the credit reporting agencies and other businesses involved to be able to verify that you are a victim.  They also need to be able to tell what accounts and fraudulent information came from identity theft. A normal police report often doesn't have enough details to accomplish your goals of correcting your credit.

I recommend that you use the identity theft affidavit form and incorporate this with your police report. This is for two reasons.  First, the information in the affidavit must be accepted by the credit reporting agencies when checking for fraudulent information.  Second, it helps you think about what all you need to include to the police, the credit reporting agencies and the FTC.

Once this report is done a copy should be forwarded to the credit reporting agencies and the FTC to assist with you resolving your credit issues.  Whatever you do, stay safe!

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