People Search - The Biggest Pain on the Internet

Sometimes you just need to dig deep to find people on the internet.  I will show you many a free tricks and one that will cost you money.

Now why do you suppose I would say that people searches the biggest pain on the Internet? This is why: If you've ever tried to find someone on the Internet you more often than not find the wrong things.

If you use Google this is what will happen: Google seems to like to send you to secondary search engines or pay for search sites as some of the first responses whenever you put in someone's name. When you click on the responses, what you usually get is a pay site with little or no information. The pay that shows up does not even contain the name for which you searched. This is from the company that wants to give you quality content and send you to quality sites whenever you're looking for something.  The problem is, the site doesn't even contain the name.

Why do I even mention the search on Google?  Because more than two thirds of us use Google as our primary search engine.  So why do I more often not get what I am looking for?  It is because of all the super duper tricks Google uses to try to find information.  Google attempts to anticipate what you want to find.  Unfortunately, it does not recognize people's names very well.

Ok - so you told me the problem - how do I fix it? The following hints should help you in your search-

  1. Put quote marks around the name you want.  If you know a middle initial use that too. A search for "James R. Brown" is much more likely to get some usable results than entering the name without quotes.  You can check the images page if you know what the person looks like.
  2. Try using Yahoo's people search.  This is a specialized search engine designed to find people.
  3. Search Facebook and other social networking sites.  You can do this using Google by typing before entering the name.
  4. Two free places I use all the time are sure to check if they are dead unless you know for sure otherwise.
  5. One more really good deep digging site is Pipl

This is been a headache of mine for a long time. This is why you should just go to my site by clicking home above and searching there. Or, look to the right and you can search there. Those search places are more likely to give you a reasonable response than any others.

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