New Cell Phone Notification System - US behind 3rd World Countries

I started this article with the headline, because it is so true.  There are articles out there about a "new" notification system that will notify "high end phones" with emergency notifications.  They make it like a special app or chip would be required to do this - that is bunk!

What has been happening in 3rd world countries:  In many if not all 3rd world countries the notification of emergency information has been distributed through cell phone texts for quite some time.  No special phones, system or app was ever needed.  The phone company simply sent the message(s) to all cell phone numbers.  Cell phone companies have the same capabilities now.

How we could do it right now to all cell phones today: The FCC could mandate certain emergency messages be sent - much like the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) since cell phones are indeed radios.  Cell phone service providers send out free messages all the time - these emergency messages could be done the same way.

Why anyone would install, build, or develop a system to do this is crazy - the system already exists.  I smell a boondoggle and a waste of taxpayer money (again).  This isn't a big brother thing - it is a community service.

Whatever you do - stay safe!

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