What's In Your Wallet?

NO, this isn't a Capital One Commercial.  What is in your wallet is a two pronged question for today's post. 

First prong:  There is often a lot of information in a wallet that will identify a person.  If you need to know who someone is, and you get a chance to rifle through their wallet - you can confirm a lot of stuff.  Most people carry too much information in their wallet.

Second prong:  Do you know what all you carry in your wallet?  Does it include stuff you should not carry around like a Social Security card?  Do you have other information that not only identifies you, but other people as well?  Check your wallet.  I know there are things you need like some credit cards and driver's license.  Depending on your profession, you may need other ID's also.  Just do not give away any more than you absolutely have to if you lose your wallet - for your own sake.

Whatever you do - Stay Safe!

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