Snooping - While Not Illegal, Can Still Be Bad

Snooping is not necessarily illegal, but it is something that is considered bad.  If you invite me over to your place for coffee and I am rifling through you mail and checking out all of your magazines - what would you think?

There are apps on smartphones that snoop on people and they may or may not tell you they are snooping on you.  They use your own phone to listen to what you are listening to or watching.  Three of these apps are Color, IntoNow and Shopkick, all of which activate the microphones in users' iPhone  or Android in order to gather information that provides "some benefit to the user."

Color is a free app that can detect your location and will share your photos with other Color users within 100 feet of you. It will also show you all of their photos. Not only that, but with Color, every photo and video is public. There is no way to determine who to follow or only your family and friends. The app shares your images with any nearby stranger who is also using Color.  If you value privacy - I  recommend you do not use Color.

IntoNow listens with your iPhone or iPad  to identify what shows you are watching.

Shopkick is supposed to reward users for simply walking into participating stores like Target, Best Buy, and many others. Users don't have to do anything because their phone is already listening for particular sounds generated in the stores by a special device. - Very Snoopy!

So many apps do so many things.  Do you know what apps are spying on you.  Of course if you want real spy stuff that tracks everything look to the ad on the right - it works great.

The question is - what all do they listen to? I bet they don't tell you.  Be careful what you install.  Value your privacy - whatever you do - Be Safe!

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