Cool New Stealth Voice Recorder

I was browsing through Brickhouse Security's Catalog today.  I saw a really cool voice recorder.  It really is not a surprise, but a great stealth tool for recording conversations without notice.  This recorder looks exactly like a memory stick.  Covert USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder Oh, and it is a memory stick.  Better yet - you do not need any software to use this thing.    It lasts about 4 hours on a battery charge and you have a choice of 2 GB or 8GB for $50 bucks more.

I am getting one for sure.  I will likely get several before the years end.  I can see a real need for these things in my line of work for sure.

Remember all of the laws in your own state about recordings.  In Texas, if I use the recorder, I can use the recording - as long as I was there when the conversation took place (1 party state).

Whatever you do - Be safe!

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