15 Ways to Verify Who Someone Is

I often get asked "Where do I start?" if you want to learn about a first date or someone you have just met.  What I am going to tell you is: be nosy.  Here is a list of 15 ways you can begin to verify someone is who they say they are:


1. Cell Phone – You can get a name and address from a cellular number. Right now you can get information for only $1 from Beyourowndetective.net.  Remember that Pre-Paid cell phones are almost impossible to trace. In the old days (a couple of years ago) Pre-Paid phones would be a warning sign – not so much now.  Lots of smart folks use them.

2. Email Address – Even if all you have is an email address, you can check online sources such as Google to see if the person has posted their name on a Blog, Forum, Newsgroup, or Facebook. This is not the most reliable source – but it can help.  You can also trace an email at our home page.

3. Voicemail – Call them when you do not expect an answer.  You never know what you can find out from a simple answering message.

4. Land Line – If you get to their house/apt or whatever, call a phone you know has caller ID.  This can verify who they are.  Better yet – get them to call you from the line.


5. Address – Once again, if you go to their house, you can check the name with a criss-cross at the library or a white pages site on the internet.  You could even contact the neighbors under  pretext to verify any names given.

6. Mail – No, don’t open the mail.  Just read to whom it is addressed.  Do not get mail out of the mailbox   - that is a Federal Offense.

7. Bills – Same story as the mail.  Bills are a great source of information.

Checks or Credit Cards – Remember, I started this off with a “be nosey” thing.  So read the name on the card, name and address on the check if you can see one.

8. Medicine – The Medicine cabinet can be a gold mine.  Not only does it say who the person is, but you can have an idea of health issues.

9. Magazines – This can tell you their work or hobbies and the mailing label can help.

10. Trash – I have a whole post or 2 on going through the trash.  If you really want to know someone, know their trash.


11. License Plate – Yes, I am talking about being that paranoid.  Write down the plate number.  Most states will give you a registration return for a small fee. Let’s hope that the name matches the return.

12. Glove Box – This can be helpful, especially with insurance cards and the like.  No telling what else you will find in there.

13. Ashtray/Coin Bin: All sorts of stuff gets left here that can tell you about the person you met.  Do they smoke?  Do they smoke dope? Often stuff from places/restaurants they visit are left there.


14. Co-Workers – If you know where they work, as fellow co-workers about them. 

15. Wallet – Now to me, this is a sign of total distrust.  If you are caught going through a wallet, you probably no longer will have a relationship.  Yes, there is a lot of information there.  Yes, it has the good stuff.  Maybe you can make a game out of sharing wallets.  Like I said before, it is a sign of total distrust.

Think of all the things around your own place with your name on it.  Check the same stuff out.  All of this nosiness can pay off, especially if the person is not who they say they are.

WARNING SIGNS - If this person will only give you their cell number, this could be because they are married or living with someone and don't want you calling the house. Or it could be they only have a cell phone.  If it seems like they never want you to go to their place and only want to meet at restaurants, clubs, and the like and they only want to go to YOUR place, they may have a "roommate" or spouse they don't want you to know about.  That is not necessarily the case with women.  In reality, a woman should NEVER let a man she doesn’t know come to her house on the first few dates (call me sexist). If you met online, never meet at homes, but instead public places until you feel comfortable with the other person.  If they say they are divorced, be sure to VERIFY the county records. More often than not, I have run across people who say they are divorced when they are only "separated" for a short time. Often times the "separation" only lasts until the spouse gets back home.

These are a few of the ideas you can use. Run a background check.  Not just to see if they are a criminal or sex offender.  Also see if this person is married. How many times have they been married and are they still married?  Are they being sued? Are they in Bankruptcy? Do they really own the business they claim to? Do they really own the nice car the are in or are they just leasing?

Remember, whatever you do - stay safe!

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