Should You Investigate Your Date?

Let's say you meet that special someone. It ends up that you fall head over heels in love with this person. Do you know them? Do you know anything about their past? Do you know anything about their business? Do they have a criminal history? I bet you have not asked him these questions before you fell in love.

There is an easy solution. The easy solution is run a background check on the individual. Now, if you know exactly where they're from or where they have lived in the past say 10 years, you can go to the district clerk or the County Clerk in those counties where you know the person is live. You run a public records search on these things. Here is the problem. You may not know where the person has lived in the last 10 years.

Easy solution: go to my homepage run a background search by name. It asks for more details, but put as little or as much as you know.  It starts there. Is it free? No, it is not free. It is highly unlikely that you'll get this information for free anywhere. It is very fast. Basically incident.

Or, you can run your own risk hope that they are the person they say they are and everything will be okay. Whatever you do, stay safe!

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