Department of Homeland Security and DNA Screening

DHS is planning on using DNA sceeening along with some of its other screening methods.  After adding full body scans among other things to their checks at airports and other ports of entry a this is an interesting move.  What I find really interesting about using DNA screening is that it takes you to a place that TSA and the Department of Homeland Security have been trying to avoid. This is the place of pointing towards people because of their heritage and their background and use their ancestors this age of political correctness. I find this hard to believe that they would go this route. It is somewhat expensive to test people even though now they say they can do for only $100 per test. Only.

What we really need to do is to do more screening for explosives and known biological or chemical agents that can be hazardous. These are faster, cheaper, and relate more directly to threats that any DNA testing could. However, many of our agencies are so in love with "new technology" that they cannot even see that this is not a screening would be useful to identify a potential terrorist.

I would rather be groped and patted down then for our tax dollars to be wasted upon using DNA testing to try to find a terrorist. Fingerprints I can see using; chemical tests I can see using.I think in today's age we need to focus more on real threats and not on gimmicks and "new technology" when looking for potential terrorist.

I hope no one has to have a DNA test on the next trip to the airport. Whatever you do stay safe!

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