Background Checks - They Don't Say Everything

Backgound checks - a lot of people do them. A lot of people perform background checks on prospective employees, partners, contractors or even little league coaches.  What some folks do, is they look for criminal convictions and stop there.  Whatever service you use for conducting background checks may limit the information to convictions.

Arrest records are public too.  Be sure to follow up any background check with a check into the local law enforcement where the person has lived.  This still is not fool proof, but arrest records are public records. If someone has been arrested - yes that are innocent until proven guilty, but there was likely a good reason for it.

Use more than background checks. While you should never base hiring/firing , etc solely on a background check, you should follow up on the information that you find with some good questioning of the candidate.  If they cannot explain it to your satisfaction - then you have a reason to not hire.

Remember that you can start your background check here - or go to the home page for various choices.  Whatever you do - stay safe!

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