Facebook, Women's Naked Pictures and Hackers

Once again Facebook comes into mention when a hacker stole "nekkid pics" or photos of nude women from their own accounts.  He got information from their Facebook accounts to answer the security questions correctly and hack into their email.

This brings me to a discussion about these so-called security questions. I always had problems with the use security questions because I believe they make accounts less secure rather than more secure.

The security questions often involve questions like "what is your mother's maiden name" or "what town were you born in" or something like that. If someone knows who you are and they can probably get this information from a public records search. Then again, they may not have to do that if you put this kind of information on Facebook. Check out several people's Facebook profiles and you will see that often they will put relatives' names which may include their mother and they may put their hometown which is often where they were born.

This is not the first time Facebook has come under fire for security issues. However, this is not really a Facebook issue but a person's own security issue and not being smart about how to use Facebook.

23-year-old George Bronk was able to get this personal information from people's Facebook accounts.  Bronk pled guilty to hacking into dozens of women's accounts and acquiring nude photos of them.  he then e-mailed these new photos also known as naked pictures to everyone in their contacts book.  You can see the Cnet story here.  Brock also managed to hack into some of the women's Facebook accounts and posted some of the photos of there. He also sent the photos out to all of their friends on Facebook.

The moral of the story is be careful with what you post on Facebook. It is also that security questions often are more harmful to security than helpful. Because with all of the public information on the person is easier to find out answers to these questions then it is to guess a password.

Whatever you do, stay safe!

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