Read Deleted Text Messages for iPhones

iPhone Spy Stick

Deleted Text Messages: What do you need to do to read deleted text messages on an iPhone?  The answer is really simple.  The
iPhone Spy Stick
is the answer.  While there have been readers out there for regular SIM cards for cell phones, these are not worth much on an iPhone since the iPhone does not use the SIM to store this data.

Easy to use: The process is pretty easy.  In a couple of easy steps you can be reading all sorts of deleted data including text messages, contacts, calls, web history, and even photos.  This tool has been called "the ultimate spy tool for iPhones."  First you just connect the iPhone to your computer with the supplied cable and plug the iPhone Spy Data Recovery Stick into a regular USB port on your computer.  AFter that you will be walked through the process of recovering the deleted information you are looking for.

Why you may need this tool: Maybe you are just a nosy business owner and you want to see what goes on with your company phones.  Maybe you suspect your girlfriend of cheating on you.  You may just be a concerned parent that does not want some whacko teacher sexting your son.  Whatever your reason to be your own detective, the iPhone Spy Stick can be your solution.

Whatever you do and however you do it - stay safe!

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