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GPS Tracking : Sometimes we need to use GPS tracking in an investigation. GPS tracking is a great investigation tool.  Whether you are a concerned parent of suspicious of a potentially cheating spouse, you can find out someone’s travel patterns and habits.  Not only can you track where they have been, but you can see where they are right now. There are all sorts of reasons for using this service.  Read on and decide if this information can help you.  The amounts and costs may change over time, but the relative savings should last for some time.

The Cost of GPS Tracking: There seems to be more confusion than usable facts about tracking cell phones.   Whenever you want to use a professional grade GPS tracker this is what you are likely to have to pay.  First you have to buy the tracker (about $150), then you need to initialize the tracking service ($70).  You still need to purchase a data tracking plan for it all to work.  Those cost around $70 a month for a three month minimum contract. Longer contracts are cheaper per month.  Let’s say you only need to track a car for about two weeks.  You may not be in the position to pay the $430 to buy a designated GPS tracker and still have to install it yourself on the vehicle.

The Cheaper Alternative: So you understand what I am talking about, say you need to track a car that you cannot leave your own smart phone in it.  (That would work if you have an unlimited data plan.) I am talking about tracking a designated target vehicle that you need to track for a short time.  The key to this is that you use a free online GPS tracking service that works for several phones on the internet.  One such plan is Instamapper. I get nothing from the site.  The system works, and it is free.  I am all for free.  All you need to do to make it work is get a Boost Mobile iDen phone for about $50.  You buy the unlimited plan card for about $40 which runs about $.35 a day.  So now you have a $90 option.  Not totally free, but that is more than 75% less that using a regular GPS tracking service.

In case you cannot find one:


How you can make it work: It is easy to use this cheaper alternative.  I like cheap and easy.  All you need to do is activate the phone, load the software into the phone, and put the phone in the car.  Sometimes you want to be somewhat secretive about this.  If you are hiding the phone, you need to make sure the phone gets GPS signal.  You can connect the phone to the cars power supply to have basically “unlimited life”, otherwise, you have the 8 hours to a day or so that the battery lasts on the phone.

The not really required disclaimer:  Even though this is not a super-stealth method, you need to know that there are legal consequences for tracking a vehicle that is not you own without the owner’s permission. I recommend doing this only with your own vehicle(s).  I am always for people saving money to conduct their investigations.  Have fun and be your own detective. And, oh yeah –

Stay Safe!

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