Digital Scavenger Hunt - Just for Fun

This is all just for fun.  Don't expect some serious stuff on scams or investigation.  Antonia at asked if I would participate in a digital scavenger hunt, so I did.  A few fellow bloggers also participated (see below).  Some of the others that have already posted their pictures are totally awesome - mine not so much but enjoy anyways.  We were supposed to add pictures in the following categories:


When all else fails - wade in it!

This is the kind we take for granted

If you see this guy in traffic - you probably are.


What weenie dogs will do for a treat.


 Means I gotta clean this off of my porch every day!

International smiles at that!


 When signs are meant for only for some people.

 Grass?  What grass?

Other Scavenger hunt participants.  Check theirs out (most are better than mine).

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Stay Safe!


  1. Wonderful job, Barry! I LOVE your smile and lost photos!! These are great! Thanks for participating!!! :D

  2. Antonia- I smile every time I see it :)

  3. Is that razor-wire I see?


    I am NEVER going to Anaheim California after seeing that neighborhood!

  4. Hi there Barry! :)

    I have to agree with Antonia that the smile photo is fantastic. What a great idea! Those leaves photo on your Autumn theme reminds me also to sweep my garden - my dogs create such a big mess. lol

    Wonderful, wonderful job! Hope you're having a fantastic weekend! :)

  5. I like the Funny one, Stay off the Grass, lmao !

    Great pics Barry !

  6. Nice job! Like your "no parking" and "stay off the grass".

  7. Freak - that IS razor wire - not in California, but in Monrovia, Liberia

    Joooce - Weekend OK so far - I am even in the smile pic :)

    Hank - Thanks - yeah that was at the "old" Embassy in Baghdad 2007

    Jessica - Nothing like the US Military to have funny signs

  8. Your pictures are great! I can't even pick a favorite...I love all of them. Great job on the hunt!!

  9. I was wondering in which country these were taken before I read your comment. Man, what a great job you have! Thanks for sharing. My favorite is confusion: your typical expat sign :)

  10. Hi Barry =)
    All very cool and interesting photos! I was wondering where they were taken like Jérôme was...I like "dance" and "lost" especially.

  11. PDC - thanks!

    J A - Yep confusion is so typical of ex-pat stuff I almost used the lost one for smile - that guy's smile is something else.


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