Court Rules Firing of Crimals OK at School Districts

The Ohio Supreme Court just ruled in Ohio that school districts could fire employees based on the fact they have criminal records.  This seems sort of normal, but then, to have a case, it means that there are some that feel that having a criminal record is not justification for terminating school employees.

Apparently this is in response to a law that allowed the Ohio schools to run criminal background checks on all employees.  They started doing background checks on prospective employees in 2007.  This new law covered those already hired prior to those checks.

I have a few observations:  I find it interesting that schools did not conduct criminal background checks prior to 2007.  This law only applies to non-licensed employees of the district.  That means it applies to "support staff'.  I do not know the law concerning licensed employees (teachers, counselors, principals, etc)

Shouldn't schools be able to do this everywhere?  After all, they are watching over our children and our future.

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