An Overlooked Public Record - Petitions

Petitions, especially those used in any way for an electoral process are public records, once they are filed.

Why do you care?  Often petitions have more than just names and signatures.  They can have other verifying information like voter registration numbers, addresses, phone numbers, or more.  This is something to keep in mind if you need to do a deep dig to find information on someone.  If you know their political leanings or issues they like, you can often get information on a person through the petition.  Vice versa also applies.  You can show what petitions a person has signed.

Of course, as always - keep this in mind when signing any petition, as it may indeed reveal to the public information about yourself you would rather keep private.

Where do you find petitions?  Normally most are filed at the county clerk's office, there are some filed federally, which can be difficult to find, as you may well know.  Get the information through a freedom of information act request if you need to.  The petitions are public records.

Whatever you do - stay safe!

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