Background Checks - Follow Up On Your Information

The Issue: Sometimes we get in a hurry to conduct a background investigation.  Whenever that happens, there may be consequences that are not so favorable.  Whenever you do conduct a background check, it is important to verify the information in the public records.  Sometimes this is easily done, sometimes not so easy.

Example: Anyone who has followed this blog can attest to some of my own mistakes as I have posted some things with only one verification instead of two.

What to do: What I am saying is, to be fair on any type of background check - you need to verify the public records.  Make sure the person you found is one and the same as the one in the record.  You cannot be responsible for mistakes in the public records, as that also happens.  Be aware it does.

Observation:  I know some employers have so many applicants they cannot double check every background check that shows up in a negative way. - Remember this concerning yourself.  Remember to detect yourself to protect yourself (I have said this many times, but it is so true).

Whatever you do, stay safe!

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