Use a Cell Phone to Spy on Anyone

What You Can Do:You can use a cell phone to spy on anyone as an "on demand" wireless bug.  It is simple and cheaper than a cool spy wireless transmitter, however, you will need to find a hiding place for the bug.

I have been planning to make a really cool post with good photos and maybe even a video on this subject.  First, I had some time Issues.  Then my camera broke.  Seems like there is a conspiracy afoot to keep me from posting this.

Anyone can plant a "bug" with this: This will make a cell phone a wireless bug that you can have access to whenever you want.  You are limited only by battery charge and air time once you plant the phone. More after the break.

What you need:

1) You need a "Go Phone"

2) A little initiative... and
3) A hands-free attachment or headset

In the series Burn Notice, Michael Weston actually showed this, and it is an awesome low-budget trick as to how you can be your own detective.  However, in the series, he "unsolders" the phone's speaker to prevent any sounds.

What to do: 
Get a Go Phone (you can use cricket, Virgin, Boost, or whatever else. you want.  I use go Phones because I have ATT and it keeps the cost down).  You can likely buy the cheapest one - But let's say you spend $20-$25 on the phone.  Get a cheap headset for 2 reasons - 1) you can hide the phone easier,and only expose the mic 2) You can get the phone to "auto answer" with a headset.

Charge up the phone and activate it. - If you think you will need more minutes buy additional minutes.  Let's just say you need only what comes with the phone. Make a note of the phone number.

Most phones can be set to silent.  Make sure EVERYTHING is set to silent, messages, calls, SMS, everything!  Note: There is an option if you cannot set everything to silent.  This is the safest way to do it. You can unsolder the speaker wires.  (you can just cut them, but I say unsolder in case you want to re-solder the speaker to use as a regular cell phone later.)

Attach the headset, and make sure the phone is set to auto answer on 1 or 2 rings.  (Why make it any longer?)You need the headset to make auto-answer available.

This next step is the real detective part.  You need to plant the phone where you can over hear conversations you want to hear.  You can hide the phone in something like a box of tissue, or a potted plant (fake plants are best - they are not watered).  You can put it under the seat of a car if that is where you think you need to record.

Once the phone is hidden and you think your target is having a conversation you need to hear, then call your "bug" and listen in.  Cell phone mics usually pick up conversations from quite a distance, the only problem is other ambient noise.  When you have heard enough, hang up.  It is that simple.

There are other options - rather than hiding the phone, you could "accidentally" leave it, but the screen may give it away when it is connected.  I have found this to be the cheapest and yet a very efficient way to spy on conversations (so far)  and it is so easy!

Please note that if you choose to record the conversations - some states require that both parties are aware of the conversation being recorded to be legal.  Most states require at least one of the parties of the conversation is aware of the recording so check your state laws.  

Most of the time this is for "intelligence", meaning I do not want the conversation recorded, I just want to know who is saying what.  More often than not, if you know who said what when, you can use pretext that someone leaked or told you the information.

Specifications: This bug is good for the charge of the battery (6-7 hours conversation time new) and your air time.  You do not need access to the phone to buy more air time.

Depending on where and how you buy the "go phone", it cannot be traced back to you if it does become discovered.  You need to make the calls to the anonymous for this to hold true.

Remember that whatever you do - be safe.


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