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I decided to occassionally investigate some fellow bloggers from Blog Catalog.  This was prompted mostly by people asking questions about blogging, and so I figured I would feature their blogs occasionally on my site.  The first one (in a long time) to feature is Gillean Smith.  I am featuring her blog - which has a really long name- Growing Your Business One Smart Strategy At A Time

My favorite article so far on her blog is The Book: Chapter Three and General McChrystal  There are others I liked, but this one is a personal story about General Stanley McChrystal.  Who would have known he is her step-brother?  Gillean has a Linkedin listing, a MySpace page, Facebook page,and I know where she lives (insert danger music here) and her age (I won't list these for obvious reasons).  She is mentioned in a Sierra Club article, and has been a spokesperson before.

I won't reveal anything personal or that is not easily dug up on the web, but I did have to "investigate."  So, maybe you will stop by her blog, and let the experienced promoter and public relations expert give you some advice.

like always - Stay safe!

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  1. You did quite well. I'm sure you could have added more had you dug a bit deeper. I did my own research on the Internet and also had someone else do the same.
    How interesting. I bet your research didn't take you much time. And in truth, this should warn us all that anything we say can and will be used in any way someone else may want to use it!!

    I do in fact tell people I media train that anything they say can be printed or broadcast. I always tell people that repeating a key point is much better than saying something you are not prepared to live with connected to you and/or your company!!
    Come investigate media training! Whew!
    Nice write up! Much appreciated. Now, go check out Merriman Smith and see where that gets you. :)


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