Free Cell Phone Tracking - Not Always Free

Background e911:  All phones not having e911 location service should be completely phased out. After 2008, if a  phone company turns service on for a phone without the e911 software, it pays a hefty fine. E911 service means the phone sends out feedback that uses cell towers to triangulate the location when a 911 call is made.  This is great for 911 - but it means you can be tracked at any time.

GPS:  Now, any "smart" phone has GPS technology. The GPS information is not limited during phone calls either.  It is constantly sending and receiving these signals, even if you have not opted in for any particular service.  Law Enforcement Agencies routinely as for tracking information from phone companies without a warrant.  There is a lower standard than probable cause for this type of information.

Can you track a cell phone yourself?  There now is software you can upload into your phone that is quite reasonable.  It enables you to track your own cell phone.  This software works with any "smart" phone , which includes most phone on the market today.  Basically, if your phone has internet and gps capability it will work.

What about the free services on the internet?
There are a couple of "free" services that are available on the internet for a few specific phones, however, when you look at what apps and services you need to use to make the free part work, it will cost you over time.  If you are already paying for GPS and data time, then it can be seen as free.  Otherwise, add those costs up to see what free costs you.

Whatever you do - Stay Safe!


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