Ex Sheriff Deputy Involved in Scam

I wrote a quick post on my other blog about a scammer that was involved in a deal to re-sell unrefined gold, get it refined and then make a profit - allegedly.  The scam was basically, there was no gold, and the collateral for a bank was a make believe yacht.

Once again I am going to throw out um, how can you say "background check", or "public records search."  It is not hard to check the public records for this yacht and also to check the background on the scammer.

The scammer's name is Ryan Steensma he is an ex Deputy Sheriff and runs, or ran Redine 22 and Force Protection Group that have security services in Iraq and Africa.  I am assuming the Africa connection has something to do with this gold mine scam.

My main point is - run a background check - it is cheap and will show ownership of things like yachts.  Verify the public records for goodness sakes.  (let me guess the yacht was "registered" in another country).  Sometimes I wonder how banks stay open.

Stay safe!

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  1. I know this man personally. i did not need a public search record twenty years ago. Knew he was a piece of crap the moment i met him. He deserves a long prison sentence.


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