Be Your Own Detective: Crpitt Was

As I will not get into all the drama that went along with this detective saga.  A fellow blogger from Blog Catalog did a fine investigative job - finding a fraudulent blogger.  This post goes along with some of my earlier posts, but this time I am pointing out a detective, not detecting them.

Crpitt aka Claire has two blogs I know about:  A little Piece of Me and Other Bits and Pieces.  Go visit her blogs if you want to find out more about her.  She first found out that someone was posting fake photos on their blog.  Note:  I will not direct you to the suspect blog.  Ok, the photos were photos, but the people who were claiming to have taken them - obviously did not.  She used a service on the internet called Tineye which you can do a reverse photo search and find out a photo's origins.  She did some more digging and ended up getting a confession (at least partial) from the perpetrators.

With some initiative and some digging you too can be your own detective.

Whatever you do - be safe


  1. Luckily I use google alerts to track 'crpitt' usage on the web, which led me to this blog :)

    Thanks for posting this, I was debating whether to blog about the matter myself. Not the ins and outs of the drama, but what people can do if they are suspicious.

    Not sure I did any good, but at least people got their drama fix.

  2. Wow you really are a detective - I was going to tell you about it today

  3. Crpitt is a sweet pie first , k. detective if you like - but she did a real great job!

    ..In fact it's not about the picture itself but it's about that he disturbed people from BC including me - with his lies along about his disease and his beloved girlfriend when he could simply tell us more frankly that he need a friend ..2 or more and tell us the truth from the beginning .. I think then peoples would been more compassionate and perhaps more helpful for him.

    What Claire found out were shocking to all of us or some of us and..fortunately was stopped.

    Have a great day!

  4. I am always watching....haha :)

  5. Dyeve - Well, I wasn't going to get into all of the personal stuff, I just wanted to point out Claire's detective skills

    Claire- That is good to know :P

  6. Under the pretense of reality is a little idiot. Sometimes you have incorrect information to even get to the truth. But remember, you may be breaking the law and might have to pay the consequences. So watch what you do.

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