Social Networking - Detect Yourself

A long time ago, I made a post about Detect Yourself to Protect Yourself.  I read a recent article that kind-of talked about the same thing.

This is what it basically was talking about.  Do you know what is out there about you?  Do you use social networking sites? Most people do to some degree.  What they may or may not realize is what is and will be available to anyone or others on their profile or "wall" or whatever.  Be sure to check the security or privacy settings of your social networking site.  You may be surprised.  Are the photos there ones that would not be so good for friends or family to see?  Check out your pages, believe me others are.  One police officer's testimony was "impeached" because of his Facebook profile. This does not mean you will suffer the same thing, but you need to be aware of what is out there.

Also, remember that photos placed on others' sites and then you are "tagged" can lead to the same thing.  So once again detect yourself to protect yourself applies.

Note - at the bottom of the blog I show where you are coming from internet-wise.  That information is freely available where ever you go :)

Stay Safe!

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