Be Your Own Detective - E-Course All Done!

I have finally completed the development of the e-course.  This course gives you a lot of information on how to be your own detective.  It has at least 18 segments.  A lot of the information is gleaned from previous posts I have made here, but they are all in one course.  This course has the same amount of material that you would get in a  90 hours training course.  I give it away for free.

All you have to do is sign up over there at the email sign up, and you get the course.  I send you the course in 18 different segments as to not overwhelm you.
Here is the outline of the course:

Lesson One: The Basics
Lesson Two: The Detective 
Lesson Three: Communication Skills 
Lesson Four: Organizational Abilities 
Lesson Five: Characteristics of Human Nature 
Lesson Six: The Investigative Process 
Lesson Seven: Basic Interviewing 
Lesson Eight: Lie Detectors 
Lesson Nine: Getting Started 
Lesson Ten: Using Online Investigative Tools 
Lesson Eleven: Public Records Searches 
Lesson Twelve: Get to Know Them by Their Trash 
Lesson Thirteen: How to find Anyone 
Lesson Fourteen: When You Need to do Surveillance 
Lesson Fifteen: Background Checks 
Lesson Sixteen: Marriage or Cheater Investigations 
Lesson Seventeen: Getting Information by Pretext 
Free Public Records Links

As you can see - it is quite a complete course!

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