Van der Sloot, Halloway and Human Trafficking

Joran van der Sloot – Do I need to say more.  My guess is that just maybe, maybe the Peruvians will get out of him what the Dutch authorities could not.  It appears that with these two cases, he just may have been and still is, more involved with human trafficking than many suspected.

It isn’t like Holland is a stranger to human trafficking.  When you trace world-wide travel of traffickers, Amsterdam is one of those hubs.

“The Netherlands is listed by United Nations (Office on Drugs and Crime) as a primary country of destination for victims of human trafficking”  - Wikipedia.  The City is worried because they just now realize that it is not just small-scale “entrepreneurs” but that world-wide criminal organizations are trafficking women and drugs.  At least 75% of Amsterdam's prostitutes are from Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe.  Funny, I thought that “legalizing” both of those was supposed to stop criminal gangs from flourishing.

It is well known that Moroccan and Turkish Crime syndicates have been involved in trafficking women to Amsterdam for the last couple of decades.  So obviously, when a “boy from Holland” is involved with a missing pretty young blonde teenager, leaving out human trafficking would be silly.  It makes me wonder if the Dutch tracked any Moroccans or Turks travelling to and from Aruba.  Oh wait, that would be “profiling” and somehow that is bad.

Remember, van der Sloot told Fox News in a 2008 interview he sold Holloway to human traffickers for $10,000, then in a taped interview denied it. – Of course that was one of his many stories.  He has sold his stories and of course Joran van der Sloot was being investigated for extortion in Alabama. It seems he'd tried to extort $250,000 from someone in exchange for the location of Natalee Holloway's body and the circumstances surrounding her death.

So, no tears for Joran.  Even if he didn’t kill or traffic Natalee Halloway – he is a scumbag for the stories and the extortion.

Not a happy story – but interesting, I thought.
Stay Safe!

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