Things That Make You Go Hmmm

OK, so 11 Spies are "caught" after a seven year investigation.  (One got away) The interesting thing is that these spies lived in regular neighborhoods, had websites and facebook pages.  I guess they were hiding in plain site.

Now what they allegedly did was send messages through innocuous photos posted on "public" internet sites.  The Photos contained hidden codes that revealed some type of secret message.  Now THAT is the stuff movies are made of, and apparently real life. See story here.

At least one of the spies had over 90 facebook photos posted a website and a linkedin profile for all to see.  It may sound like how could she really be a spy, but then again, why not hide in plain sight?  There are more details here.

Some of the spies posed as married couples and had model kids in the local schools.  I am not sure what they were spying on, or whom, but it sounds intriguing.

I am not sure a background check would have found anything, after all, it took the FBI seven years to find and catch these spies.

Stay Safe!

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