More 3rd Party Billing Scams

I thought the 3rd party billing scam had run its course on the internet.  I was wrong.  It is alive and well.  How does it start?  It is usually about taking an IQ test or a free giveaway.

DO NOT give them your cell phone number.  They ask for a cell phone number, Why?  They want to charge you for some useless service on your phone (maybe even just the survey/test)  This billing is recurring (month to month) and you do not even see who the charge is to.  It simply shows up as 3rd party billing on your phone.
In some cases, even if you do not opt-in, and you have already given a number, the will still charge you.

This is apparently a common problem.  See ripoff report about this.

So stay away!  Unless you like paying extra for nothing.

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