Be Your Own Detective - How to Find a Person (start)

I have done a lot of posts on how to be your own detective. Ranging from a series that was basically an e-course on how to be your own detective. I am sure after people read all of the posts they were like - ok, how do I really be my own detective?

Let's say you need to find a person - so today you are a "people finder." To be a people finder you need a place to start. A name is nice (real names are better, but sometimes a screen name is enough. The more social networks a person is in - the easier they will be to find. Remember that the next time you plan on disappearing. :)

OK, I will state some of the obvious. First run the name through Google. I know, I know - Google is the Anti-Christ and all, but they are quite useful. When you run their name - try the full name in quotes. Like say you were trying to find Jimmy Hoffa. Well type "Jimmy Hoffa" just like that when you search. Note: There are probably a gazillion hits on Jimmy Hoffa - so if you know a possible last location it narrows down the choices. Knowing age, etc helps too. Don't forget to try various spellings as whoever is writing the information may not spell so gud. :P

Let's say you get too many choices or nothing to start. 2 free places I use all the time are whowhere and Peekyou.They are free and between the two better than all the 411 and whitepages sites I have seen.  If you can't find them there, Try voter registration sites.  Just type in public records and voter registration and the state you want.  If you do not know the state - well, good luck.  Be sure to check if they are dead - unless you know for sure otherwise. 

You can see here that you can chase public records all day - there are literally thousands upon thousands of public records sites on the internet - the 50 states - the terretories and D.C, of course.  Then you have the counties (where the real wealth of information is).  Lastly you have city or town public records.  Now I have grown lazy and if I can't find them the normal way - I just use my little search box over there --->>>>>

It is not free - but it saves hours upon hours of looking.

I hope this tid bit has helped.  Whatever you do - Stay Safe!

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