Arrest Warrants - The Over-looked Criminal Record

Do-it-yourself detectives often think that online criminal records means sex offender registries, criminal court records, or prison inmates. There is another type of "criminal record" that can be found online: arrest warrants.

Arrest warrants, whether they are called "wanted" "most wanted" "Wants" are also a form of free public records frequently overlooked by someone who wants to be their own detective. Most courts and law enforcement agencies are happy to put this information online as to catch the fugitives. The information is increasingly being sought by Internet users looking for information on employees, tenants, acquaintances, and neighbors.

For you guys that want to be your own detective, there are two solutions to conduct online arrest warrants search. One is free; the other a low cost criminal background check.

Free method: involves clicking to each individual government records website that contains this type of criminal record information and running a search. But don't worry, you don't have to actually go looking for them. If you use the "search this blog" section you can search [warrants OR wanted] - you can add the state if you want to (or know).  You will see there will be a few pages of results as I have gathered over 150 different wanted and most wanted sites.  You will need to then search each website independently.

Low Cost Way:
There is a more efficient way that has a modest cost, but is faster and more complete (you do not need to wonder if you left someplace off).  You can search my home page or the box on the right that was designed specifically for those who need to access warrants, criminal records, and all other types of public records (current and historical) information cheaply. It also includes some data not available at websites put up online by law enforcement and court clerks.

You are not likely to find this on Facebook or My Space whether a person is a fugitive or not.  Remember the 17 Afghan guys that went missing from Lackland Air Force base?  They did not put "I am a wanted guy" on their profile. This information however, can often be found online. Think of arrest warrants search as just one more tool you can put in your Be Your Own Detective toolbox.

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