Another "Facelift"

Hey, thanks for stopping by and reading this blog.  I have put a "new face" on it.  It is simpler, cleaner, and I like it.  My whole website has been updated (except for the public records page).  I have been posting public records here in the blog.  I have my reasons - mostly because they are found quicker by folks (same day as I post them) than they would be on the web pages.  I will link to the posts as information in the site, so all is good. 

I am more than half-way through the states, It may take me a couple of weeks to finish the rest, as I will be tied up with another job.  I will keep posting them, just not as aggressively as before.  Hey, I am doing it all solo.  If the site gets stronger and I make enough cash, I will hire researchers to gather links (starving college students) and add more and have quality pages.

Once again, thanks for stopping by - you can get to the rest of the site by clicking "home" above.

Stay Safe!

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