All 50 States Public Records Have been Posted!

Yay!  I finally got all 50 states' public records posted to the site.  You can search them on the side bar - state by state.  Please, if you find mistakes, broken links or whatever let me know through the comments.

I am doing this as a totally free service to those who visit Be Your Own Detective.  Searching public records can be a tiring and time consuming job, so I tried to save you a lot of time. Between these posts and my super duper free links page should give you the most extensive collection of real public records in one site.  I have been to some sites that try to look like they have so much more - by having a page dedicated to every county. - There are real issues with that - many counties do not even have online public records available, so whatever is on those pages is mostly , well, BS!

Have fun searching.  If you get tired go to my home page (labeled "home" above, or use the search box here on the blog.  It will save you hours of time, possible 100's of hours.  The other thing is, it will check all over the country at once, instead of you having to know what county to search in.

Whatever you do - Stay Safe!

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