Those Online Investigative Services - How Do They Get Information?

Data mining. What is data mining?  This is how those services that can find cell phone  numbers and current information on people that you are trying to find.  It is how they build the "on-line cell phone directory." 

Data mining is when these companies that offer "people finders" or "people search" programs go to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and the like and they get information on the subscribers.  That is one of the tools they use to produce a "background check." These Services (all three mentioned) have been selling your private information to these on-line investigation companies.  These social networks have been keeping and tracking information and your likes and dislikes and where you go and what or who you search for.  The deeper the companies dig for information, the more they get on you (or someone else).  Check out the Wall Street Journal Story.  If you are more technically inclined - there is a good article on some new IBM software that does data and text mining.

Another company that keeps tabs on you is Google. They track your search histories and even emails.  If you think this information is not for sale - don't kid yourself.

The good and bad of this is - often these online services that track down lost loves or just give you information on that creepy neighbor have up to date information on the person you are searching.  These companies cannot be 100% accurate, as most people are not 100% accurate on updating their information on social networking sites.  So the good is - these search engines do often find people.  The bad is - you are a lot more exposed than you think.  In reality, it is not just social networking sites, so anywhere at anytime you leave your cell phone information with an online company, chances are it is found by these big research companies.

Of course, they also gather information from nearly every public information site that is available on the web.  This is another place they get a lot of information.  These companies do NOT need to get their information from the credit reporting agencies.  There is so much out there already for them to pick up.  Do you think you are not "on the grid?"  If you have a driver's license, or have registered to vote - or any other public filing - there is information about you floating around.

The point is - lots of information is out there on almost anyone.  That is how these information systems work.  If you want to be your own detective and conduct a search you can do it here from the blog or go to Be Your Own Detective home page.

Whatever you do... be Safe!

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