Sex Offender Searches - Totally Free

OK, this is not a lead to any kind of sales site.  It is simply a public service of Be Your Own Detective.  Several times I come across people wanting to find a free site to check on sex offenders in their area.  I know that there is a national database, however, I seem to not be able to find it.  So I have done the next best thing - I came up with a web page of all 50 states plus D.C, and you can choose the appropriate state.  This page does not send you to something I sell or offer - it takes you the the state's law enforcement agency that track sex offenders.

This is not a happy subject, and I am not really sure how else to tel you, besides just telling you.  I have no clever cartoon or photo, as there is nothing funny about this issue.

Anyhow - the Free Sex Offender Locator Link Page.

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