Reasons Men Cheat

I thought about naming this "Wiener Facts" but I managed to keep myself from doing so. :)  There are many reasons men cheat, but I did all sorts of research on this and basically, every place  had  pretty much the reasons below listed.  The are kind-of in reverse order of the leading causes.  I know there is no "excuse", but these are the most common reasons men cheat.

 12.  He does it because she cheated on him.  All he wanted to do was get revenge.

11. Because they can get away with it.  What often happens is women forgive men for their infidelities.

10. Not enough sex.  When she says “not tonight, dear” or “not now” it hurts the man more than it does a woman.  It is likely when his lady doesn't put out, or if their sex life stinks, he will look for it someplace else.

9.  Is it biology?  Maybe you can blame it on the “hunter instinct.”  Recorded history is full of men with multiple mates. 

8.  It is the thrill baby! Sometimes it is only because it's challenging and exciting  It’s new, different, and did I say exciting?

7.  She just doesn’t “get” him.  Often he is so disappointed that she does not understand him he looks for pleasure elsewhere.                        

6.  When a wife is a nag – no one likes it.  Also, no one loves a ball buster.  If she constantly has accused him of doing something wrong – he is likely to do something wrong.

5.  He doesn't love her anymore.  If he doesn’t love her anymore he does not feel like he is really cheating.  Whenever a couple has fallen out of love the likely hood of cheating grows exponentially.    

4.  It boosts his ego.  If he finds out he can turn someone else on he really likes the idea (especially if things are not so hot at home).           

3.  It is just sex.  Men easily separate sex and love and can have sex without feeling love at all.  Men usually do not feel guilty when it is this cause.

2.  The opportunity was there.  If he is somewhere and that little hottie lets him know she wants it, it is sometimes too much for him to turn it down.  It sometimes is only because they had the option – and not much more.

1.  She ain’t what she used to be.  Whenever she doesn't turn him on anymore – he will get turned on elsewhere.

Anyways - Stay Safe!

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