An Interesting Marriage Scam

Apparently there is this woman who "falls in love" with service men about to leave the country.  Then when they go, she cleans out their bank account and maxes out their credit cards.

Now in my opinion someone like that should get punishment like being staked out on an ant hill and have molasses poured on her.

Here is a bit to the story:
Shane Cheesman was in the Army.

"I got married on a Monday, and the following weekend she was gone," Cheesman said.

Days after marrying Bobbi Ann Finley, Shane's credit cards were maxed out and his bank account empty, and there's more.

"The MPs got a hold of me later down the road," he said.  "She was married to seven other service members. That's when I found out the whole spiel."

Katie Wegg knows this story all too well.

"I've spoken to 40 victims and 11 ex-husbands," she said.

Wegg started digging into the background of the now-34-year-old Bobbi Ann Finley after her son Rodney got taken for a ride in 2004.
 She apparently has children all over the place and they do not know their real fathers.  She has been running this scam since 1993.  That is a long time for one scam.  She is accused of marrying 11 servicemen and then swindling them out of their savings. I am willing to bet those are just the ones that reported her - there are probably more!

Bobbi Ann Finley is believed to have been stalking, conning and stealing from American soldiers for nearly 20 years. Now, with warrants already out for her arrest in Washington, Nebraska and Texas, the army has hired a special investigator to track her down.
Bobbi Ann Finley admitted to FOX reporter Dana Rebik that she has nine children, all of them she put up for adoption with family members except her second child who she gave to a family friend. Finley says she's been married four times legally, three times to soldiers.

Finley says she grew up in an abusive home and ran away when she was 13. She says her mother jumped from boyfriend to boyfriend and she thinks that's why she adopted the same type of pattern with men. When asked what attracted her to military men, she said it is because they are heroes and she wanted to be loved.

"To this day I still don't know how to love or deal with relationships. I have screwed people over and their lives, but I have realized I'm never going to get by in life like that," says Finley. "I know I'm not the greatest person on Earth, but I'm trying at the same time."

If they would have just done a background check first!

Whatever you do - Be Safe!

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