Be Your Own Detective - Catch a Cheater Part 4

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If you believe s/he is going to the same bar/hangout, wait a hour after s/he leaves and then go there yourself. See if her/his car is parked in the parking lot. You can go inside and find her/him or you can park your car out of her/his view and wait and see if s/he comes out with someone. Just because her/his car is parked there doesn't mean s/he is there. S/he could have left with someone.  Take photo's/video whenever possible - do not use flash!. Only do this if you can do it and not get caught. You can also ask a friend that your partner doesn't know to go to the bar and hang out. They can snap photo's of her/him without her/him knowing it. Honestly, you just have to be creative in finding out the truth. If you decide to go inside and find her/him, don't rush over to her/him, just try to slip in and not be noticed. If you see her/him with someone, do not say anything. Leave, go home and confront her/him when she gets home. Don't cause a scene in public.

If someone you know tells you they saw your wo/man with someone, you need to consider the source. Is this person honest, do they have anything to gain by lying to you. Usually, someone will drop hints to you if they know your partner is cheating on you. They may not come right out and tell you but usually someone will hint around. Other people don't want to get involved but at the same time, they feel like you should know. Hence, dropping hints without telling on them.

Look for receipts for dinner, jewelry, lingerie, anything that you know s/he has not let you know about or dinner at a place you did not go. These could be in he/hisr car, nightstand, pay attention to little things.

Does your partner come home mad at you? If your partner has been out most of the night and you are waiting up from her/him and s/he is bitter and angry with you when s/he comes home, that's a huge red flag. Chances are s/he was out having her good time but s/he now feels guilty and they s/he needs to push the guilt from herself to you. If you are out and your partner is home, you should be happy to see her/him when you get home. If s/he comes in and starts picking a fight with you this is important. This is likely one of the nights s/he has been up to something.

Remember the notebook? (from Part 2) After about a month or two you can read over your notes and see if you can figure out a pattern. It may not take that long. In my opinion, if you had to spend two months writing all this down and they are not changing their ways, chances are they are out doing something they should not be doing. At this point, you are going to have to make a decision. However you decide to handle the situation be sure you can live with yourself when you take action.

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Whatever you do - Stay Safe!

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