Be Your Own Detective - Catch a Cheater Part 3

Cheating HusbandThis is a continuation of a 3 part series.  Check part 1 and 2 if this doesn't make sense.

If you have a joint checking account, search the transactions. If you see anything in there that's weird, make note of it. Check your gut feeling. If your gut is telling you something is going on, it probably is. Don't make excuses for him/her. Don't try to convince yourself s/he's not doing anything wrong. S/he is doing something wrong otherwise you wouldn't be thinking s/he was cheating on you.

Be aware of how your partner acts when you are driving in the car, if s/he turns to look at a passing silver Lexus, make a note of it. If s/he is showing special interest in a car driving down the road. If s/he does this on nearly all cars ignore it. If s/he is watching all the same type and color cars, it's a pattern. Then again maybe s/he likes a certain kind of car.

It is much easier to get information from people when they don't know you are fishing. Say your husband/wife said s/he went golfing/shopping with his/her friend Charlie/Christine on Saturday but you think it's a lie. If Charlie/Christine is married or has a boy/girlfriend, make an attempt to run into him/her so you can ask about it. Remember, you want to ask questions with out raising suspicion.

OMG She caught them cheatingBe nosy - (which is a bit controlling) look through her purse/his wallet when s/he is in the shower or not at home. Make sure you don't get caught. Check her/his cell phone for numbers and text messages. You can go online and do reverse look ups to check out phone numbers. Try *67 on your phone will block your number and call and see who answers. If it's a cell phone number, you can search to see who the carrier is and once you know that, you can find out the message line for that carrier, call the number and put the unknown number in, it will take you into their voice mail and you can see if it's a lady or man's voice.

If s/he is going out all the time and never invites you, ask her/him if you can go with her/him. If s/he says no, then s/he has a reason for not wanting you to go. This is a clue.

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Whatever you do - be safe!

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