Be Your Own Detective - Catch a Cheater - part 2

When it comes to catching a cheater it is not a he or she thing - so unfortunately you will see a lot of "s/he" words in here. I gave a list of things to look for to catch a cheater - here is the second part of a lesson on how to catch a cheater.
she WILL catch you

...I don't mean "catching" THAT way!

There are a lot of guys who wanted to know if their 'loved one' was faithful. There are women too, but it is surprising how many guys want to know (and are being cheated on). The sad thing is, most of the time the client's instinct was right. How did they get caught? It is not as hard as you might think. Most cases normally last around a week. In that time a trained P.I. can provide their client with photos, receipts, names, addresses, aliases and other valuable information. All of this information is obtained legally, and is obtained because the cheater often was careless at covering their tracks - their focus is elsewhere.  And I will show you how to be your own detective.

In the beginning, it will be the little things that s/he does (or does not do) that may have alerted you. After a while the little things start adding up into bigger and bigger things. If you think you want to catch a cheater- make sure you really want to know before taking these steps.

To be your own detective - you will need to take notes like any "investigator" and track everything. You can use a spiral notebook for this and be sure to keep it hidden. (Note: you believe your partner is sneaking around, now you are sneaking around and keeping secrets - funny how things work out) If they are not cheating this is definitely something you DO NOT want them to find.

You may not know what is and is not significant (look at the previous post for hints). Enter anything that you believe or feel is important (after a while you will get the "feel" for it. The time s/he left for work, when s/he calls, where s/he was when s/he called, the time s/he came home, and the attitude s/he had, everything. After some time you may be able to see a pattern. If you have a pattern you may have an investigation.
She thinks he cheated with this sexy blonde

You may notice she wears perfume at odd times or he has perfume on his clothes.. Look closely at his/her blouse (shirt) or skirt (pants) and see if you can notice wrinkles telling stains or out of place buttons while they are wearing it.

Note: all cheaters who cheat do not just cheat with the same person. It's possible they are seeing more than one person. It's much harder for a cheater to get caught when they are seeing several people or having one night stands verses the same person.

Whatever you do ... stay safe!

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