Be Your Own Detective - Catch a Cheater

He says he didn't cheatCertain clues may manifest themselves as early warning signs, especially when a relationship is just beginning to take shape. Be aware of the indicators that warn of trouble ahead. Your safety, your money, your happiness - may be at stake.

Would you like to discover if your partner is being unfaithful?

Are you worried that your partner is cheating on you ?

Signs of Possible Cheating

• The passenger seat of your car is not in it's usual position.
• Unaccounted time away from home.
• If they recently purchased an additional pager or cell phone.
• When they are with you, they turn of their phone or leave the room to make and take calls.
• Are they spending hours on the PC? or Use computer alone and secretly with a demand for privacy.
• Stray hairs, that aren't yours, on their clothing.
• Loss of an interest in sex. or your partner is suddenly wanting to try new sex techniques.
• Makeup stains on his clothing, bite marks, or unexplained scratches.
• The scent of his/her clothing is different, or smells like a different perfume/cologne, massage oil residue, or sex.
• Unexplained, repetitive charges on a mobile phone bill.
• An unusual number of hang-ups or wrong number calls.
• Unexplained receipts in wallet, glove compartment, or office desk.
• Excessive purchases of new and different clothes.
• If a man: increased dependence on Cialis or Viagra.
• They have bought a disposable pay as you go, no contacts cell phone.
• They delete records of incoming or outgoing calls to unidentified numbers.
• Their credit card statement can show certain charges, especially hotel rooms.
• Have you discovered a separate email account that you did not know existed before ?
• Your partner suddenly finds unexpected reasons to leave the house.
• Because of guilt, does your partner question YOUR fidelity ?

The Cheater can rarely keep a distance between their new lover. They end up cheating with someone they already know, or work with. If they were smart - they would have found a stranger that they could successfully lie to.

Do they take a "karate class" twice a week, but tell everyone it's three times a week? Or join a gym but it is a ways away from home. Their lover likely knows people the cheater works with.

Do they leave after right after they take a phone call?

The home computer often has a treasure trove of information. Check for different screen names. Does the cheater have a laptop they keep hidden?

Consider putting a Super Trackstick GPS Tracking Logger in your spouse's car to track his/her whereabouts. With these GPS Devices you can find out where exactly your spouse has been and for how long. Try recording conversations with a Voice Activated Digital Recorder (Unlimited Storage) .  Some of these voice recorders as small as a stick of gum, you can place one in the glove compartment in the truck/car without detection. This product lets you to listen to your spouse's cell phone calls and and in-car conversations. Key Loggers are a popular and effective choice for tracking your spouse's online activity. With this tool you can find out who your spouse is instant messaging, what he or she is writing in e-mails, and which websites he or she is visiting.  Lastly, there are Sex Detection Kits such as the CheckMate Semen Detection Test Kit. They can let you know if he or she has been having sex with someone else.  With all of these you can be your own detective.

Whatever you do - stay safe!

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