Be Your Own Detective: Investigating Health Care Reform

Why is “health insurance change” considered health care reform?

I am just wondering, because health care and health insurance are way two different things. When you really boil down health insurance change – and I am yet to see it as reform, because the biggest reform is not taking place, it is not about health insurance – it is about taking rights away from the states.

Currently, all health insurance regulations (except for nationalized health insurance like medicare and medicaide) are totally controlled by the individual states. This puts the whole health-care debate in another light. My question is – why is this major key issue not being discussed by Congress? I mean both houses – not just the House of Representatives.
States’ Rights is a very important issue for the States. Plus this puts the matter (whatever the issue is) in the hands of State Government where it rightfully belongs closer to the people. Why is it that the President or Congress thinks that the Federal Government can take care of us better than the States?

What is really “funny” is a lot of Democrats say there is a lot of disinformation about the “health Care” Reform. So why call it health care reform at all. Call it what it is Health Insurance Adjustment. So who really is giving dis-information? Will Obama come clean? Actually, he is about the only one who really has. This is what he says are key issues in health care reform:

  • People with pre-existing illnesses or conditions will be able to buy affordable health insurance.
  • Children with such conditions will no longer be denied coverage.
  • Small-business owners who can't afford to cover their employees will get tax credits to help them do so.
  • Insurance companies will be required to offer free preventive care to their customers and will be prohibited from dropping coverage when someone becomes ill.

OK, here is what does not make sense – we are told it will not cost us any more – yet Insurance companies will be required to insure people with pre-existing conditions. Now think about it – why do they not cover those people now? Simple – it costs too much. The insurance companies will not lose money - they will pass on the higher costs to the customers.

There are much simpler ways to reform health Insurance than these ginormous bills that have been passed. One simple solution is to make all small businesses part of one big group plan. Small business owners have asked for this for years in many states. That way they have the same opportunities for health insurance coverage as the large companies at the same costs.

If this was real reform – ask yourself a simple question – If this is such a grand plan – what is Congress not required to follow the plan? Really, if it is so great – why not use it themselves?

I hope this helps - Stay safe!

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