More Email Scams In the Holidays

OK - just a warning, but if you read blogs you are likely to be more savvy than just an email user - so I do not mean to insult your intelligence.

However, just a friendly reminder that scams, email scams, phishing scams, and the like always increase during the holidays (as most crimes like theft, robbery, and burglary).

So beware of anyone asking for more details no matter who they are pretending to be. If you bought stuff online, and you believe they may need something – make a phone call to the company for any additional information, so that you know who you are calling.

Another ongoing scam – the “duck scam”
Duck Scam
"In the scam, one con artist goes into the store to ask about applying for a job. The scammer learns as much as possible about the store -- names of the clerk and managers, store phone numbers and general day-to-day operations of the store -- and then passes that information to an accomplice.

The accomplice then calls the store, usually within minutes of the first visit, and pretends to be the store's district manager. The con artist tells the clerk that he'll be sending a delivery person to exchange a key for the store's "day drop" of cash, which the scammer says is needed at another store for the evening shift.

The delivery person, one of the accomplices, then goes to the store with a key, exchanges it for the money and leaves."

The complete story can be found here.

Try to enjoy the holidays and be safe!

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