Investigating "Climategate" Once More

Now, the odd thing is ... it is too cold in Copenhagen for the protesters to protest at the Global Warming Conference.

OK, here is what should not be a surprise to anyone this year if you believe in any sort of conspiracy at all. The Global Warming Conference is at a deadlock and they are waiting for President of the world Barack Obama to save the world (again). Interesting in light of climategate and all. I mean, we should have all seen this coming on the heels of his totally undeserving surprise award of the Nobel Peace Prize for nothing …er, I mean hope.

So the conference is at a deadlock and the "man" has to come in and rescue the conference and save the world – this time from Global Warming (that may not be happening). He could not be more than pleased himself. Let’s all hope he brought his teleprompter, because without it – we are all doomed.

I hope he doesn’t sell us (meaning the U.S.) out too much for the sake of making himself savior of the world (again).

Best of all – stay safe –

P.S. check in a few hours and see if I am right!

Updated - 19 December:

It looks like the Big Guy did not save the world. As a matter of fact all the Obama-niks seem to be disappointed with him. Apparently they did not like his juniour -high speech he gave. Do not blame his teleprompter though - apparently he had lots of help withe the speech as "The text, drafted by a select group of 28 leaders – including UK prime minister, Gordon Brown – in the early hours of this morning..."

OK, Stay Safe!


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