Investigating "Climate Gate"

OK, this one is all over the place. Climate change research shows that the planet's average temperature over the last 11 years has been going down.

What a shocker huh? I know that there always has been and will always be climate change. But the lies that man has efected it much in any way is thinking way too much of ourselves. What about the polar bears ( the fact is there are more now than 30 years ago). What about the melting Ice at the polar caps? Ice melts all the time. The other lie that it will cause serious flooding if they all melt are not figuring the size of the oceans against the mass of the polar ice caps. It may cause a small rise - but in no way can it cause serious flooding. It would be like scraping a tiny layer of frost from a freezer and putting it in a glass of water. Change - yes - significant - no.

Increasing CO2 emmissions makes plants grow - but changing temperature? That takes real greenhouse gasses like water vapor.

Back to climategate. We all know now the truth - just in time for our Nobel Peace Prize winning bow to all royalties - real or not President goes to Copenhagen - probably now to make a real fool of himself.

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