Be Your Own Detective: Investigating Home Security

Now, we all have a need for some personal security. Some of us are very security concious. We scan the street for unusual vehicles, or look at the service company trucks with scrutiny. The boys putting flyers on doorknobs and the drivers and the cars that bring them to the neighborhood are noted, even if only mentally. The times these things and people show up seem to be pretty well known.

What we all would seem to notice immediately is someone who comes into our homes uninvited. Now, if the intruder is a small-ish child of 4 years old or so, we do not suspect that the intruder has any negative intentions. However, any adult that comes in uninvited, obviously has no good intentions at all.

Now picture this: The chief of a security company that touts how they can make your homes and businesses safer by using their services ends up with someone who gets into his own house uninvited and unawares of any of his security services. If the perpetrators took photos of themselves inside the head of the company's house, and then showed them to a competitor, or even worse, they were published in a paper or magazine such things would totally discredit the head of the security company. His company would suffer greatly in sales and he would likely be fired as head of the company if he was the the sole owner.

Security Embarrassment ObamaEnter Barack Obama - the one man responsible for safety and security of our nation and in a way all Americans. Because of his feel good policies and him being caught up in “celebratization” of himself and everything around him, a couple of knucklehead wanna-be celebrities are allowed to walk into not only the Whitehouse, but a state dinner honoring the prime minister of India. You would have thought normal security should be tight enough, but the increased security that should exist when a leader of a democracy that suffers regular terror attacks on it's own soil should be extremely tight.

Apparently, the total lapse in security by Secret Wammabe Celebrity Party Crashers and Security RisksService can only be attributed to the all celebrities are welcome and the anything that adds glitz and glamour of the Whitehouse contributed to this lapse.

This is a total embarrassment of our Nation and our ability to have any security in these post 9/11 days. The "head of security has lost all credibility our nation has of being able to provide security. Yes, these were just celebrity wannabes, however, they just as easily could have been assassins, terrorists or spies. Think about it, if it were assassins, terrorists or spies - we would have lost less credibility as they would at least possibly have skills and training in breaching security. A fame grabbing couple who own a failed winery? – That is a total embarrassment.

Our President needs to apologize and show he can find someone with security knowledge in the Whitehouse. Or someplace in his administration.

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