Identity Theft from Dead People

Dead men tell no lies... but do they run up bills? It so happens that some cases of identity theft involve people gleaning death notices and managing to steal enough information to steal the identity of a dead person.

This is not a new scam. As a matter of fact, in 1994, I arrested a guy for possesion of about 600 pounds of marijuana. He was driving a motor home that had the stuff tucked away everywhere. When he was arrested, he had a legitimate driver's icense and ID out of Georgia. Later we found out he was not the guy, because he usd the ID and Social Security number of a dead guy to get his license. He simply got the information from a death certificate - then got a copy of the guuy's birth certificate, used his social security number and obtained a driver's license.

We found out after we sent his prints in after his arrest that he had another identity, and later learned of the dead guy's true storey.

Now days the Social Security Administration has a dead persons ssn database. These records are updated when any deaths are reported. However, there are still some cases where the Social Security Numbers will not be updated.

Anyhow, there still are those out there that are stealing identities from dead people. It is mre difficult to do hat it used to be, but it still can happen. One of the ways to make sure it does not happen is reporting any death to the Social Security Administration.
Of course - you can use one of the search options I have here at this site to confirm any information.
Mopst of all - Be Safe!

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