Be Your Own Detective - Avoid the Cash for Clunker Scam

Beware of the "Cash for Clunker" Scam!

Yes, as soon as there is a new government program - someone turns it into a scam. The idea that you can trade that old clunker and gas-hog for a green machine or other new car is OK. However, beware of the scam - it works like this:

"According to NHTSA, there are a slew of fake websites that have suddenly popped up all over the internet advertising the program. These bogus sites look very official with their very credible displays of the banner ‘CASH FOR CLUNKERS.’ Mistake number one, the official name of the program is the Car Allowance Rebate System... ...They will ask you to pre-register for the program and some will even request your social security number. Giving out your personal information on these scam sites can only result in identity theft issues. Please note, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REGISTER OR PROVIDE PERSONAL INFORMATION TO ANY WEBSITE IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN THE PROGRAM!"

The story can be found here.

OK boys and girls, there is only ONE official website for the program and that is That is the only official website for the program by the National Highway and Safety Administration.

As President Obama likes to say: Don't act "Stupidly" Don't give out your personal information when not needed.

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  1. Thank you very much for posting this. It's always helpful to teach others how to look out for themselves a bit, especially these days.


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